A Life Without Addiction: Where We all Begin

A very good friend of mine just had a baby. A beautiful, healthy, and extremely large adorable baby girl. She was almost 10 pounds and the mother is 5’1″ and 115 on a fat day. My dear friends are not in recovery. However, as with most people their lives has been marred by addiction and or mental health issues in some capacity. We’ve lost friends and loved ones to drug addiction and seen the same suffer horribly through depression and anxiety. But, with the birth of their child, we see hope. We see a life that is starting free from addiction, at least in the social perspective, the genetic side is a difference discussion. Point is, this new life is a life free from pressures and stressors that can lead to substance abuse or other mental health disorders.

Generally, we all begin addiction free, but from the few minutes after birth our perception of the world begins to take shape. How we are treated by others and interact with our surrounding starts to mold our minds. This got me thinking about the issues surrounding stigma. I hope this little girl grows up in a world where people love one another for who they are and do not judge on issues like mental health or addiction. If she, and the other millions of children growing up now have the ability to speak out and not feel ashamed about their problems, I feel the world be a better place. If you need help go get it, and drug detox is a great place to start. UNI at the University of Utah really helped me if you;re interested.

Personally, coming from a place of cocaine addiction and alcohol addiction, I lived a life where I was afraid to speak out and ask for help. Mainly because of the stigma surrounding my issues. People look at you differently when you’re open about your addiction and mental health state. I hope that we as a species can learn to help each other rather than judge. Lets live our lives the way we start them: addiction free and full of hope.


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