Running From Problems? At Least Im Running!

One outdoor activity that has always stayed with has been running. Even in the darkest places and grips of drug addiction, I was able to occasionally muster up the strength and will to lace-up and hit the pavement. It’s truly amazing how a run can clear my head. People say Im just running from my problems and replacing old addictions with new ones. That may be, but Im happy, healthy and doing things I never thought possible!

Running has become an old friend. I can always count on a good run to clear the mind and ease those old feelings of addiction and triggers. Honestly, it’s probably the first place I experienced any type of mindfulness practice. I would focus on my breathing. Focus on my feet and the impact with the road. It’s almost hypnotic. It’s one of the easiest way I have to deal with any mental health concerns I have and basically just help me think clearly.

As my distance and endurance increase Im thinking it’s time take this running to the test! Here are my bucket-list marathons that Im ready to qualify for and put forth a good effort. The best part about running is the only competition that matters is the competition I have with myself and consistently making me a better person.

Pikes Peak Ascent and Marathon

Boston Marathon

Great Ocean Road Marathon

The Great Wall Marathon



  1. janebasilblog · March 1, 2017

    Bravo, Richy. If running is an addiction, it’s a healthy one. My daughter and her partner are in recovery; running and gym form part of their self-designed programme.
    I hope you make it to a few marathons.
    Congratulations on getting to the point you’re at now.

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    • richywilliamson · March 13, 2017

      It sure is! I love treatment programs that offer gym visits and fitness as an integral part of care…it definitely helped me! Have any suggestions for marathons I shouldn’t miss?

      Liked by 1 person

      • janebasilblog · March 13, 2017

        I’m afraid I’m not much of an authority on marathons.
        The treatment centre in our town used to offer free gym membership to some people, but they gave it up. Now they concentrate more on gardening, which is a lot cheaper, but I don’t think there’s so much interest in it.

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