Climbing for Recovery

As am looking forward to the spring, Ive started scheming ways to utilize all that the Utah outdoors has to offer. Once the snow clears and my snowboard goes back to the garage, Im thinking my next adventure will be rock climbing. Living post-addiction, rock climbing is the perfect analogy for recovery. You start at the bottom, on the ground floor. You look up and can see the perilous journey that lies ahead. You have to get your hands dirty, scrape your knees and push yourself harder than you ever  have before. But when you get to the top you’re stronger, you’re wiser, and all around better for it.

Drug addiction took a lot from me and Im living day by day to make my life better than it was yesterday. Sobriety is tough, but nowhere near as tough as living in active addiction. With that said, I’m really excited to try rock climbing as a new sober activity. Here a few places Im eager to try:

Logan Canyon

Patriot Crack

Little Cottonwood Canyon

Rock Canyon


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