Feeling Nature in Recovery: Backpacking in Utah

There’s no better way to truly connect with nature than backpacking. Pack your bag and walk into the unknown with nothing but yourself to keep you company, and alive for that matter. Ive done backing in the South-East and done somer serious back-county in the Appalachians, also known as the Smoky Mountains where Im from. Backpacking has been one of the best releases for me in recovery, and been an excellent way for me to remain drug-free after addiction treatment. So, as the weather is chilled and winter to the core I can only dream about the spring and summer in Utah, and where my next backpacking adventures can take me. Here a few places I would like to see this year on backpacking trips in Utah.

Mount Timpanogos

Zion National Park

The Big Needles Loop

Dark Canyon

Backpacking and going on outdoor adventures has been the best way, for me, to keep myself in check. Utah is pretty much a playground for me and I can connect with a great group of people in recovery. I can work the meeting on Monday and hit the trail on Tuesday. It gives me the opportunity to practice mindfulness, many areas to meditate, and be thankful that I found recovery and freedom from drug and alcohol addiction.



  1. rohbeant · January 20, 2017

    Arches National Park is incredible too… not too far from Canyonlands. I’ve never backpacked in Utah, just visited back in September (also car camped at The Grand Canyon), and it was definitely the best trip I’ve ever taken.

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    • richywilliamson · January 20, 2017

      Haven’t made it to Arches yet but it’s definitely on the list! Nothing wrong with car camping. I made the transition about 3 years ago to go light-weight and have been addicted to it ever since!

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  2. taiwantrailsandtales · January 21, 2017

    Walking is a great way to keep your mind in check. You’re lucky you’ve got such beautiful surroundings to enjoy!

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    • richywilliamson · January 24, 2017

      Thanks! Utah makes it easy for sure. But Ive come to notice that there’s some beautiful nature at least 2 hours drive, from anywhere 🙂


  3. kelseysimmonsschmitt · March 2, 2017


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    • richywilliamson · March 13, 2017

      It’s a pretty amazing place! Im pretty sure it has zero blemishes 🙂


  4. Vikas Acharya · March 3, 2017

    Reblogged this on Journal Edge.

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