Staying Sober in Salt Lake City

Staying sober and free from addiction is no easy feat. Luckily, Salt Lake City is chock-full of the beautiful outdoors and tons of activities to do in nature. That’s typically where I live in recovery…the outdoors. However, sometimes Im not feeling the trail. Sometimes, I don’t want to spend the day battling the slopes and negative temperatures. Sometimes, I may want to enjoy the beauty of opera. Or, get my education on and get lost in a museum or art gallery. Point is, there are a ton of different ways to stay clean and drug free, especially in a place light Salt Lake City. There are still plenty of activities where I can have fun without slamming drinks, and remain indoors out of the elements. Here’s a list of a few of my favorites:

Mystery Escape Room: It’s a themed escape room, but with a bit more theatrical nuances. I   went there in December and participated in the Charles Dickens ‘Christmas Carol’ themed escape room. Tons of fun and great to do with a big group!

Natural History Museum of Utah: Aside from being one of the most architecturally stunning buildings Ive ever seen, they’ve always got some amazing exhibits to keep my brain occupied and trigger free!

Utah Xtreme Paintball: I don’t think I need much description for this….just pure adrenaline!!!! Can’t wait to try this! I really can’t imagine a better way to fend off the demons of addiction then popping off a few rounds and ducking for cover.

Sometime the winter blues can hit hard. If you’re not particularly outdoorsy and in addiction recovery, being snowed in can be particularly tricky. Here’s a good list I found on  winter sober activities in the Salt Lake City area. It’s pretty comprehensive and gave me a lot of ideas for some fun, clean, nights out.


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