Family & The Addict

I read a really great blog post this morning from an addiction treatment facility in Salt Lake City about what it feels like to be the family living with an addict. If you want to read it check it out here: Hand Grenades: Xanax Addiction & The Family. Either way, it got me thinking about the craziness and destruction that happens, not just to the addict, but to the family and friends around them. Addiction is a bull in a china shop, and it really doesn’t care who or what gets in it’s way.

Im a huge advocate for family integration in addiction treatment. It not only helps the family fix their issues that may have assisted enabling or hiding the addiction, but helps the family learn how to properly communicate their issues to the family member suffering  from the addiction. To be perfectly honest, we ALL could use a little bit of therapy…am i right?

Either way, I hope you take this morning (well, really every morning) and keep your family close and love them, regardless of what that love looks like. Family is family…


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