Winter Sports in Utah: The Promised Land

Im a fairly avid snowboarder. It’s a fantastic way to help manage the demons of drug addiction and still get a pretty killer rush while experiencing the awesomeness of nature. Ive boarded in the North East and done a lot of time at places like Waterville Valley. Ive boarded the south and spent weekends at Paoli Peaks and Cataloochee Ski Area. As far as out west is concerned Ive only done a few days at Monarch. In fact the last time I was at Monarch the temperature hovered around a toasty -10 degrees Fahrenheit. So I would ride to the peak, shred down, head to the lodge and warm up. With this type of weather and schedule in play I was only able to actually do about 3 solid runs until I called it a day.

Now in Utah, Im looking for some amazing snow and it looks like I’m in the right place. I’ve heard stories. That Utah snowboarding is about as close to heaven as you can get. I like to treat snowboarding how my island counterparts treat surfing…as a spiritual experience. Considering coming from a life of drug addiction, the immense spiritual (and physical) rush of plowing down a mountain is hard to beat, and works wonders for managing craving s and triggers. Regardless of the recovery, here are a few places Im looking forward to getting to this season and next:

For those who are in active addiction recovery and about the more extreme winter sports, skiing, snowboarding, or bobsledding but you still want to have fun in Salt Lake City. Here’s a great article on sober fun in Salt Lake City. Don’t let the fact that you’re drug free ruin an a great time out in one of the most beautify places in the world!

If anyone has any suggestions or additions to my above list please let me know!


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