Mountain Biking in Utah? Sure! Why Not?

So, Ive thought about trying a new hobby, mountain biking. Im a huge lover of the outdoors and Utah has a lot to offer in the way of mountain climbing, hiking, backpacking, etc.. I have done quite a bit of road biking in the past, but Ive got to be honest in that I never really felt comfortable with 2 tons of metal speeding past me on multiple occasions. Recovery from addiction is already stressful enough! So, with that in mind, Ive thought of taking the more outdoorsy adventure of mountain biking! Here a few places I researched in the Salt Lake City area where I may be able to get a nice start into the world of mountain biking.

  • The Whole Enchilada: Ok, definitely not going to be my first, second, third, fourth, fifth, or sixth ride but it’s a goal, and a lofty one Ive been assured! 25+ miles, 8000 feet of elevation gain, and some of the most beautiful views in the world. Thanks Utah!
  • Alexander Creek: Now this is a little more my speed for a beginner! Its located east of  Salt Lake City, 1600ft of descent, and only 5 miles long. That’s definitely a little more my speed!
  • Bonneville Shoreline Trail: This one feels like a great second ride with a little more technical climb. It looks like it runs from Ogden to Payden and has some amazing views of the city!
  • Ghost Falls: Closer to Draper and probably easier to get on the trail during a busy day, there are lost of trails that connect. Might be a fun one to spend a day on exploring!.

Im looking forward to adding mountain biking to a list of addiction recovery tools. It’s seems like another great way to connect with nature, stay outdoors, stay fit, and even get my adrenaline pumping!


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