Mediation, Sobriety & The Outdoors in Utah

Being outside, on the trail, climbing a mountain, wading a river, are all forms of personal mediation. That mediation is great for the everyday person, but it can be life changing for the person in recovery, trying to stay sober and free from addiction. If triggers of addiction start to cloud the mind, one of the best ways to clear the mind is to physically go to a place where the mind cannot be clouded. Where there is only you and nature. No cell phone, no bills, no addiction, no worries, just a calm mind and a beautiful landscape. Utah is one of the most serene places I have ever seen and offers plenty of places, for those suffering from addiction and those who are not, to meditate and relax their mind.

One way I meditate is through the fluid action of fly fishing. The repetitive motions of the rod and the consistent sounds and movement of the river make it very easy for me to be present in the moment, mindful, and rest my mind.

Another wonderful way I meditate is through hiking. Half way through a day hike I’ll stop. I become completely aware of my feet on the trail and focus on the direct pressure my heel is pushing into the earth. This focus, along with the soothing sounds of the wind rushing through trees and the natural colors pouring over myself and the environment, makes it extremely easy to sink into a very deep and reflective meditative space.

Some of my favorite places in Utah (and the southwest) to practice these meditations is at the Coral Pink Sand Dunes, the North rim of the grand Canyon, and Kayaking on Lake Powell. Sobriety is a huge part of my life and these places are especially helpful when meditating and soothing my body mind.


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