Fly Fishing near Salt Lake City

Most of the fishing, especially fly fishing, has been done in the south east for small mouth. Or if I was feeling up to it I would make the 3-4 hour trek to the Appalachians and fish for rainbow trout in the mountain streams of East Tennessee. Out west it’s a different game! I’ve fished plenty of Colorado: the Arkansas river and the Platte River in South Park. Here are a few of the places I plan to fish near Salt Lake City in the coming future:

Little Cottonwood Canyon Stream: when it’s stocked Ive heard its good for rainbow and Bonneville cutthroat trout. However, the stock doesn’t typically last for more than one season.

Strawberry Reservoir: An hour and half southeast of Salt Lake City Strawberry Reservoir seems to be a great place for Bonneville cutthroat trout,
Rainbow trout and Kokanee Salmon. Looks like getting here early is key!

Provo River: This seems to be the place to start, as its one of the Salt Lake City area’s most popular fishing destinations for Brown Trout.

Green River: The famous Green River is a little over 3 hours drive from Salt Lake City, but from what Ive been told, it’s well worth it. Ive even heard you can see trout by the hundreds just strolling along the bank!

Fishing is a great way to stay to practice mindfulness during addiction recovery. It calms the mind and soothes the soul. Not to mention a fantastic way to connect with nature and build an appreciation for the outdoors in a very, low-impact way.


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